He shall be called a Ναζωραῖος/Nazoraios [or, Nazirite?]…Mt 2:23
…the sect of the Nazoreans [or, Nasareans?]… Acts 24:5

This sect of Nazoræans is [presently in 375 AD] to be found in
Beroea near Coelesyria, in the Decapolis near Pella,
and in Bashanitis at the place called…Khokhabe
in Hebrew…[in practice] They are nothing but Jews…”
This Essene sect of the Nasaræans. They are Jews by nationality,
from Gileaditis, Bashanitis and the Transjordan as I have been told,
but descendants of Israel himself.” There are only a
handful of Nasaræans [left as such]…they have been united
with the sect of the Ebionites [who are a sect of the Nazoræans]

Bishop Epiphanius, The Panarion (c. 375 AD)
Like most Patristic writers, he was on the outside trying to look in!

The Land and People of ISRAEL and the DIASPORA in the first century: Essenes? Galileans? Samaritans? Nasareans? Judeans? Hellenists? Diaspora? Herodians? Sadducees? Scribes? Pharisees? Nazarites? Nazareans? Ebionites? Gentiles?

Israelism/Judaism of the first century was diverse with various expressions of fidelity toward the Almighty rooted in the Torah of Moses. (The same is true even today!) Yahwshua (variously abbreviated as Yahshua and Yeshua/Yeshu/Y’Shua, and hybridized as Jesus) was an Israeli from the Tribe of Judah and a Royal descendant of King David. He lived among these diverse groups, but within a particular one. Which one? Who was He and what was He? He attended a Jewish synagogue and was called a Rabbi; But, a Rabbi (my Rav) of which group? What was the nature of his original organization? History is clear that a complete overhaul of it took place. The gentiles began institutionalizing itself in church counsels and separated itself from the Original. And, three centuries after Yahwshua began his ministry, an Emperor enforced this new institution as the heir of Yahwshua. It was an anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli, anti-Torah, replacement religion that sought the displacement and then the annihilation of the Jewish organization and effort. How did things so radically change? And, maybe when we dig even deeper, we find that this was not the first transformation of the Original Torah of Moses and that Yahwshua was the spearhead for that restoration and transformation by means of a New Covenant. And, if so, how do we recognize it and return to it? The answer to these questions is what this website is about. In short, we return one step at a time, walking in love and wisdom, peace and joy.

A Dream

The splintered family–nation would be restored, reconciled, and returned. Their returning consciousness of the Covenant is in process even now.  They are being awakened from their long sleep. So, our mission is to awaken, reorient, and provide direction for them—to help, inspire and teach them the Family Covenant.

In 2002, I had a dream in which an official stood before me and held up to me a scroll that was written in Ancient Hebrew Script. Though I could not read it, internally I knew that it was documenting that my ancestors had come from the Land of Yisrael into the British Isles. I believe it was a personal message to me from my heavenly Father.
I have no doubt that many have or will experience such phenomena as the plans of Omniscient One unfold. Multitudes have been being prepared for decades without realizing it. The Compassionate One prepares us one step and one phase at a time. With each step our capacity for the ultimate call grows, that is, if we truly desire “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” And, if, along with that desire, we can proclaim that “wherever the truth leads me I will follow” — then, the inherited spiritual blindness and twisted thinking will be removed.

Our ancestors, centuries ago, left the Land of Israel in one manner and time or another, voluntarily and involuntarily, because they or others near them betrayed the original family covenant. Not only were they punished with dispersion and alienation, but, they were also promised that their descendants would awaken as from the dead, be rectified and returned to this very place–restored to Him Who loved us from eternity.

We hope to share them as we rebuild this website and play our small part in effecting a restoration, whether it happens in our lifetime or in generations to come.    Shalom to you!