Paqid, Yo’el Ben Abraham, and wife, Rivkah Bat Dorit (aka, Tracy and Denise Osborne)

He holds a BA in Biblical Theology; MA in Judaic-Christian-Rabbinical Studies 2013 and continuing since then in that pre- and post- 1st Century orientation of teaching, research, and translation, a participant in re-orienting the “New Testament” and related documents, restoring its original Hebraic Israelite Essene origins.

The Journey began five decades ago.

He was first baptized as a 10 year old in Chattanooga, TN, and again at age 18, at Birchwood Baptist Church in Birchwood, TN, and then, experienced a Holy Spirit Baptism and moved into a Pentecostal and Charismatic orientation. He was first ordained into the ministry in 1981, 1)along with prophecies before and after, that are shared with friends by the Elders and Ministers of Faith Christian Center in Cleveland, TN, then again at Abundant Life Fellowship in Athens, TN. His Pastor at Faith Christian Center had led some 40 trips to Israel and would later introduce him to a love for Israel that he had had since 1978 until his death in 2007. (He had gone there to lead worship at a Kathryn Kuhlman conference. He said, God spoke to him when the wheels touched the pavement at the Tel Aviv Airport, “You are home now.”)

Studying Presbyterian and Episcopalian orientations, Yo’el became a member of the Episcopal Church in Athens, TN, where he was a postulant for the priesthood for about two years–until withdrawing and returning back to his roots, but with a broader view of the church world. He was ordained again at Church Alive Ministries in Cleveland, TN in 1998, where a spirit of prayer had descended. And then a love for Israel had been fanned into flame. He did not then understand it, but that was destined to change. He began On High Ministries (2002-2012). He had ministered from the beginning in various settings — bus ministry, assemblies, prison, nursing home, street ministry, as a pastor, teacher, counselor, and psalmist.2)Of course, there have been struggles, suffering, sorrows, trials, mistakes, disappointments, and regrets!

He was transformed by numerous spiritual experiences 3)some of which, are shared with friends and out of which, he discovered “the Faith” and “Faithfulness” of Messiah Yahshua, as well as, the abandonment of it by the church of long ago. Through a series of night visions that began in 1998, he finally embraced a Nazarean Israelite/Jewish orientation in 2001-2002 and started On High Ministries in 2002 and created a website presence with his writings. In 2002, he had a dream of having lost his long lost Israelite heritage. Broadening his studies and with an awakening love for his broader Jewish family, he made two trips to Israel (2008 & 2010) of deep spiritual significance for him. As a musician and song writer, he recorded a project of original songs in 2008 and ministered them in a variety of Assemblies. He also taught an internet class for a year for Hatikva Ministries for Joseph Good.

Over a period of about seven years, he studied with Rabbis, received an orthodox Hatafat Dam Brit, moved into a Jewish community, married a Jewish wife, was ordained a Paqid (1Timothy 3:1), finished a Master’s Degree while also working toward a doctorate degree, helped maintain the website of the Synagogue and led prayers and developing a Siddur. With Divine direction, he took a break from that position in 2016 with a blessing, feeling the need to broaden and redirect his ministry and studies dynamic: The Rav said, “You have my blessing.” Since then, Yo’el has been teaching in various venues.

He has continued in the years since then, in constant research, discovery, translating, teaching, and has had a clear paradigm shift, which is now reflected on this site.

He developed a Nazarean Siddur, translated the Book of Galatians and other NT portions bringing out their original orientation and intent, in contrast to perpetuated distorted interpretations. And, more discoveries unfold as we uncover the Essene roots of Yahshua and the Netsarim–Essene/Nazorean/Nasarean/Ebionite/Saints….

Our Mission is to follow the path established by our Master, who was authorized to bring the foundations and intents of the “law and the prophets” into their full expression by the establishment of the New Covenant, and thereby, to dismantle the works of darkness perpetuated in the world.


1 along with prophecies before and after, that are shared with friends
2 Of course, there have been struggles, suffering, sorrows, trials, mistakes, disappointments, and regrets!
3 some of which, are shared with friends