I Believe in YHWH, ha’Elohey-ha’Elohiym (the God of gods),
ha’Adoney-ha’Adonim (the Lord of lords),
ha’EL, ha’Gadol, ha’Gibur, wa’ha’Nora (THE God, the Great, the Mighty, and the Awesome);
the One and Only; The Creator and Possessor of the Heavens and the Heaven of the Heavens, the Earth, and of All that is in them, visible and invisible. A Being Infinite in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power, Eternally Self Existent and Unchangeable in Essence, Transcending all and yet is near us all; Separated from all and in all ways is Righteous, and only by metaphor can be compared to creation. Neither male nor female as we, but likened to the Perfect Parent, a Kingly Father and Queenly Mother in One Being who brings forth Sons and Daughters in their image; Compassionate, merciful, and faithful, and revealed in and to creation; He hears the prayers of His people and calls sinners to reformation and to the way of living that He prescribed; He is the Elohiym of our Fathers and Mothers, of Avraham & Sarah, of Yitshak & Rivkah, of Ya`aqov & Leah & Rachel, and of Yahwshúa & his Bride.

Yahwshúa ha’Natsarí was and is His Mashiakh—His Elect, chosen before the foundation of the world and all of the righteous were also chosen in Him, who is His Firstborn Son, to whom He said, “You are My Son, this day I have begotten you,” and, “You are My beloved son, in you I am well pleased”; “the First-born” raised out from among the dead and a partaker of everlasting life; He is ‘that coming prophet’ likened to and greater than Mosheh, and is the Messenger of the New Covenant; He was born of the seed of David, the son of Yoseph and Miriam in righteousness and holiness; He was crucified and died on our behalf under Pontius Pilate and was buried; After three days and three nights he arose from the dead on the Sabbath Day. He appeared unto many for weeks, and afterward ascended into the highest heavens and sat down at the right hand of YHWH, the EL of the Armies of the Heavens, to reign with Him forever; From thence, in that generation, he came in Parousia in ‘the clouds of heaven’ in the glory of the Father to rule with a the iron Sceptre—he came, he comes, and he will come, judging the nations while overseeing his own true disciples until all the earth is filled with the knowledge and glory of YHWH, until the final judgment is completed, until the full effects of the new heavens and earth is manifest.

I believe in the New Covenant that was made through Yahwshúa, King, High Priest, and Mediator; And in the Gifts, Ministries, and Operations of the Ruach ha’Qodesh in the holy Assembly of the Qedoshim/Saints.

I believe in a proper continuity of the covenants and commandments under the New Covenant; and therefore, the promises made in the sacred scriptures will reach their fullness under the administration of this New Covenant; And through Faith, Repentance-Reformation, Baptismal-Oath, the forgiveness of sins and a true fellowship with YHWH is obtained in pursuit of the reward of everlasting life in His kingdom, whether of Israel, of Judah, or Gerim of the Nations.