Statement One

I Believe in YHWH, ha’Elohey-ha’Elohiym (the God of gods),
ha’Adoney-ha’Adonim (the Lord of lords),
ha’EL, ha’Gadol, ha’Gibur, wa’ha’Nora (THE God, the Great, the Mighty, and the Awesome);
the One Source of All; The Creator and Possessor of the Heavens and the Heaven of the Heavens, the Earth, and of All that is in them, visible and invisible. A Being Infinite in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power, Eternally Self Existent and Unchangeable in Essence, Transcending all and yet is near us all; Separated from all and in all ways is Righteous, and only by metaphor can be compared to creation. Neither male nor female as we, but likened to the Perfect Parent, a Kingly Father and Queenly Mother in One Being who brings forth Sons and Daughters in their image; Compassionate, merciful, and faithful, and revealed in and to creation; He hears the prayers of His people and calls sinners to reformation and to the way of living that He prescribed; He is the Elohiym of our Fathers and Mothers, of Avraham & Sarah, of Yitshak & Rivkah, of Ya`aqov & Leah & Rachel, and of Yahshúa & his Bride.

I Believe that Yahshúa of Nazareth was anointed as His Mashiakh—being His Elect, having been chosen before the foundation of the world. All of the righteous were also chosen in Him, who is His Firstborn Son, to whom He said, “You are My Son, this day I have begotten you,” and also, “You are My beloved son, in you I am well pleased”; “the First-born” raised out from among the dead and is a partaker of incorruption and everlasting life; He is ‘that coming prophet’ likened to and greater than Mosheh, and that He is the Messenger of the New Covenant; He was born of the seed of David, the son of Yoseph and Miriam in righteousness and holiness; He was crucified and died on our behalf under Pontius Pilate and was buried; After three days and three nights he arose from the dead on the Sabbath Day. He appeared unto many for weeks, and afterward ascended into the highest heavens and sat down at the right hand of YHWH, the EL of the Armies of the Heavens, to reign with Him forever; From thence, in that generation, he came in Parousia in ‘the clouds of heaven’ in the glory of the Father to rule with a the iron Sceptre—he came, he comes, and he will come, judging the nations while overseeing his own true disciples until all the earth is filled with the knowledge and glory of YHWH, until the final judgment is completed, until the full effects of the new heavens and earth is manifest.

I believe in the New Covenant that was made through Yahshúa, King, High Priest, and Mediator; And in the Gifts, Ministries, and Operations of the Ruach ha’Qodesh in the holy Assembly of the Qedoshim/Saints.

I believe in a proper continuity of the covenants and commandments under the New Covenant; and therefore, the promises made in the sacred scriptures will reach their fullness under the administration of this New Covenant; And through Faith, Repentance-Reformation, Baptismal-Oath, the forgiveness of sins and a true fellowship with YHWH is obtained in pursuit of the reward of everlasting life in His kingdom, whether of Israel, of Judah, or Gerim of the Nations.

Statement Two – And Expanded Statement

And Elohíym said to Mosheh: “Æh-YAH ASHER Æh-YAH” (I-AM THAT I-AM) . . .
Tell them YHWH sent me unto you.   Ex. 3:14-15

For YAH YHWH is my strength and my song and has become my salvation. Is. 12:2



YAH conceptualized the universe (Logos) and emanated it into being with the expansion of the name YH to YHWH; YAH is The Source and Cause of all existence, whether visible or invisible to us;
YAH is undifferentiated BEING, in whom all potential existed, until YAH desired and purposed, willed and planned a family. YAH is “IT” or “THAT”, neither He nor She; But, YAH differentiated the masculine and feminine polarities. And this plurality is the plural noun, Elohíym; But, described by the singular verb, “created”:  

“In the beginning, Elohíym Plural  created Singular the heavens and the earth.” Gen 1:1

YAH, first differentiated a positive-negative polarity (Yin-Yang) and became Elohiym the Creator—One in Two and Two in One—the Father-Mother, with the perfecting of sons and daughters in mind. Scripture speaks with the masculine form, Yahwéh—in terms of He, Him, and His; Yet, the feminine form of the name, Yahwáh—in terms of She, Her, and Hers, is included—being implied and concealed within the masculine name of Yahwéh.  And thus, Yahwéh-Yahwáh, the Father-Mother spoke, as it is written by the prophet,

Gen 1:26  Elohíym Plural (God—Goddess) said, Let Us make humanity in Our image Masculine Noun after Our likeness Fem. Noun

Gen 1:27  Elohíym created Adam (Humanity), male and female-genders (Elohíym) created them.

Nevertheless, YAH-Yahwéh-Yahwáh (It-He-She), YHWH Our Elohíym is One, to Whom we pray, and say:

“Shema Yisrael YHWH Eloheynu, YHWH Echad”

—not Two nor Three nor Seven persons—and is called, “He” and “Father” retroactively by His-Her Children because the Masculine by nature initiates and leads the family. He implies She, just as, Father implies Mother—and these imply Children—both sons and daughters, as is also included in the Hebrew masculine, “sons – benim”. among many other Sons and Daughters. And this implies a Firstborn Son and Daughter.

It is YAH-YHWH whom we worship as our Source; Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, Immeasurable and Incomprehensible to us, except that YAH chose to emanate and manifest in ways conducive to our finite nature, as when walking in Gan Eden before Adam and Hawah, and as was seen by Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Prophets and Prophetess’ alike and Who walked before the face of Moshéh. YAH is the Source of all else, whether of worlds or beings, heavenly or earthly, visible or invisible, in the heavens, on the earth, or under the earth;

With wisdom unfathomable, the ages of the world were planned and established by the Everlasting Covenant; The Infinite One manifests in spirit(ess) and truth, and proceeds into the creation with love, power, and justice, sustaining all, even as His purposes unroll like a scroll in history. Our Elohíym transcends all and yet is near us all; Is separate from all iniquity and impurity and in all ways is righteous, compassionate, merciful, and faithful; Hearing prayers and calling sinners to return to the Eternal Law, to enter into covenantal favor through faith and the waters of baptismal oath; By these, He judges and rewards all in accordance with their words and deeds.

Known to Elohíym from eternity are all His works to be carried out in time and history. From the beginning of the world, He spoke to our fathers and mothers by the prophets in various ways. His plans for the Ages unroll like a scroll. And in the fullness of time, He spoke to us through the man, Yahshúa, our Master.

In the land of Israel, he was anointed as King and Priest in accordance with the Order of MalkiTsedeq, he ascended and was exalted over all beings as High Priest in Yahwéh’s Palacial-Temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem. And as Yahwéh’s agent, he began pouring out the holy spirit(ess) upon the whole House of Israel in Jerusalem, in Israel and beyond—yielding Gifts and Ministries with effectual results throughout the world; And thus, Israelite Nazaræan New Covenant Communities and Assemblies were established.

That “last days” generation [30–70 A.D.] was a transitional period that established these Assemblies throughout the world leading to his Return to Judæa with wrath—poured out upon his enemies, resulting in the removal of the symbol of the Former Sinai Covenant with all of its Priestly augmentations—the Temple. But there was a deliverance for his people, and they escaped into the mountains or into kingdoms throughout the world. This war brought great tribulation and the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, the Resurrection of the dead out of the regions of She’ol, and the establishment of the New Covenant Age; Under which, the promises made in the sacred scriptures will reach their fullness upon the earth as ‘leaven leavens the whole lump’;

And, therefore, through faith, repentance and reformation, baptismal oath, and fidelity, we strive to understand, implement and follow Torah of Mashiakh in our lives as they are written upon our minds and hearts by the ruach ha’qodesh and by means of faithful Shepherds who teach, both male and female; For by this, the powers of darkness are repelled, the forgiveness of sins is obtained, and a true fellowship with Yahwéh is experienced; And by this, great rewards await those who, with sincerity and fidelity, turn away from transgressing His commandments and learn to love Him with obedience in pursuit of everlasting life in the heavenly kingdom.

Wherefore, at the appointed time, Yahshúa was born of the seed of King David according to the promise (2Sam 7:8-17): the son of Yoseph the Righteous by Mariam his wife. Normally conceived, birthed, and raised in the spirit of holiness, he grew great in wisdom and stature affirming the fullness of the Original Torah, Testimony, and Prophets forever. And in due time, he was Consecrated, Anointed, and Manifested to Israel. For he was ‘that coming prophet’ foretold by Moshéh (Dt 18:15-18), and “the Messenger of the Covenant” foretold in Malachí 3:1. By perfect fidelity, he procured a New Covenant with Israel and Judah as was foretold by Jeremiah; And thereby, he initiated ‘the redemption’ of all Israel along with the salvation of those of all nations—those who are engrafted by faith, amendment of life, and baptism—engrafted into Yahshúa, who is the Head of the Body of Israel, and the root and offspring of King David (Jer 23:5; 33:15; Ez 37:15-28). By obedience he was perfected by the things that he suffered, and he became the cause of eternal salvation to all those who obey him. At his baptismal consecration and anointing, Yahwéh said to him, “You are My son, this day I have begotten you”, and further, “You are My beloved son, in you I am well pleased.” His ancestor King David had prophesied concerning him:“ Because you have loved righteousness and hated iniquity, Elohíym, your Elohíym, has anointed you with the oil of gladness in the presence of your brethren”; And in the midst of this unwavering fidelity, he was betrayed and crucified by wicked hands. His spirit went to the place of the dead; After three days and three nights, Yahwéh raised him from among the dead on the Shabbath as His Firstborn Son. He re-entered his body and and was transformed into a spiritual body, immortal and incorruptible; He was appointed as heir of all things and his people were chosen as joint heirs with him to eventually share in the same resurrection. He ascended into the heavens, was Coronated as King over the Kingdom that will have no end. He appeared to his disciples and further taught them for weeks and sent them forth to testify; He ascended and sat down at the right hand of the Majesty On High and now rules as His agent. From thence, at the end of that generation, he came with ‘the clouds of heaven’ with judgment upon Judæa—serving as a sign to all people of his exaltation and office. He came in Parousía in the glory of the Father ruling with a rod of iron—beginning at Judea, Jerusalem, and the Temple—he came, he comes, and he will continue coming, judging the nations while overseeing the righteous until the restitution of all things, until all the earth is filled with the knowledge and glory of Yahwéh as the waters cover the sea, until the finality of the judgment, until the end of dying and death.