The Original & Ideal Plant & Tree Based Diet: Kosher

Fruit and Vegetable Foods from Trees, Vines & Plants:
Fruits, Melons, Berries, Nuts, Beans, Peas, Grains, Herbs, Roots & Leafy Greens (Gen. 1:29) in contrast to other animals (Gen. 1:30) [Article in Progress]

Kosher animal products: dairy & eggs are permissible, but not optimal.
No fish, birds, or mammals, except in circumstantial necessity or emergency,
and of those, only permissible ones (Dt. 14:2-21) properly bled out into sleep, and then,
all of the blood is to be boiled or grilled out of the meat, so that no blood is consumed;
No Non-kosher animals, except in an extreme emergency.

The Persecution of Vegetarians

Canon 14; Council of Ancyra, Galatia; 314 C.E. (Modern Ankara, Turkey)

It is decreed that among the clergy, presbyters, and deacons who abstain from flesh shall taste of it, and afterwards, if they shall so please, may abstain. But if they disdain it, and will not even eat herbs served with flesh, but disobey the canon, let them be removed from their order.

There are traditions that identify the Nazareans as non-flesh eaters—in accordance with the original diet stated above. And, neither did they promote the eating of non-kosher flesh. There were church leaders who reprimand the eating of flesh. These possibly had never done so, and continued teaching this as a Biblical virtue. This probably is being reflected in the above Canon 14. With the advancing Roman Catholic agenda of subjugating and unifying all under it’s authority in its Papal-Episcopalian governance and then enforced by Constantine’s Sword, and removing the vestiges of Nazarean Judaism.

Early Christians Reveal that Yahwshua & His Apostles Abstained from Animal Flesh

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