Paqid, Yo’el Ben Abraham, and wife, Rivkah Bat Dorit

He holds a BA in Biblical Theology; MA in Judaic-Christian Studies and spent several years in Rabbinical Studies working toward a Doctorate; Now continuing 1st Century Nazarean Judaism Emphasis. He was first ordained in 1981, and ministered in various settings — Assemblies, Prison Ministry, etc., as a pastor, teacher and a psalmist. He was transformed by numerous experiences with the Almighty, and his prayerful study returned him to the Judaism of Y’Shua. He met and married Rivka who was herself a Returnee to her Jewish heritage. He was ordained as a Paqid (1 Tim. 3:1) in a small synagogue where he led the prayers for several years until he resigned with with a blessing and shalom, sensing a need for a fresh dynamic. They are always listening for their next assignment from the Almighty. He is currently teaching a congregation.

Our Mission as Netsarim is to follow the path established by our Master, who was authorized to bring the foundations and intents of the “law and the prophets” into their full expression by the establishment of the new covenant, and thereby, to dismantle the works of darkness perpetuated in the world.

Judaism? Israelism? Christianity? I’m confused…

Judaism of the first century was diverse with various expressions of fidelity to their covenant with the Almighty. Our discoveries continue to unfold. YahwShua (hybridized form: Jesus) was a Jew who lived a Jewish life among these diverse groups, but within a particular one. He attended a Jewish synagogue and was called a Rabbi. But, a hybrid movement emerged, broke off from the original Nazarean organization, and began institutionalizing itself in church counsels. Three centuries after YahwShua began his ministry, an Emperor enforced religion was established, that was an anti-Jewish/Israeli, anti-Torah, replacement religion that sought the displacement of the original Netsarim. How did things so radically change?

We hope to share them as we rebuild this website and play our small part in effecting a restoration, whether it happens in our lifetime or in generations to come.    Shalom to you!