Paqid, Yo’el Ben Abraham, and wife, Rivkah Bat Dorit

He holds a BA in Biblical Theology; MA in Judaic-Christian Studies and spent several years in Rabbinical Studies working toward a Doctorate; Now continuing 1st Century Nazarean emphasis, researching and translating, re-orienting the Nazarean Testimony (NT – New Testament) back into its original setting and understanding.

He was first baptized as a 10 year old, and again at age 18, at Birchwood Baptist Church in Birchwood, TN, and then, after an experience called, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, had Pentecostal and Charismatic orientation, being first ordained into the ministry in 1981, 1)along with prophecies before and after, that I intend to share soon by the Elders and Ministers of Faith Christian Center in Cleveland, TN, then again at Abundant Life Fellowship in Athens, TN, and again, at Church Alive Ministries in 1998. He began On High Ministries in Cleveland, TN, in 2001. He has ministered from the beginning in various settings — bus ministry, assemblies, prison, nursing home, street ministry, as a pastor, teacher, counselor, and psalmist.

Studying Presbyterian and Episcopalian orientations, he became a member of the Episcopal Church in Athens, TN, where he was a postulant for the priesthood for three years–until withdrawing and returning back to his roots, but with a broader view of the church world.

He was transformed by numerous spiritual experiences 2)some of which, I hope to share soon and out of which, coupled with prayer and research, he discovered the New Testament Judaism of Messiah Yeshua. He made two trips to Israel of deep spiritual significance. As a musician and song writer, he recorded a project of original songs and ministered them in a variety of Assemblies. He also taught an internet class for a year for Hatikva Ministries.

He joined and studied with Orthodox Jewish Nazarean Rabbis for about seven years, who ordained him as a Paqid (1 Tim. 3:1). He maintained a website at the Synagogue and led prayers for several years until he resigned with peace and a blessing, sensing a need for a fresh dynamic. He met and married Rivkah (pictured above) who was herself a Returnee to her Jewish heritage.

He has continued for years since then, in further research, translating, and teaching, always listening for the next assignment. It seems that it has been his destiny to search out the panorama of religious experience and expression in America. And, more unfolds….

Our Mission as Netsarim is to follow the path established by our Master, who was authorized to bring the foundations and intents of the “law and the prophets” into their full expression by the establishment of the new covenant, and thereby, to dismantle the works of darkness perpetuated in the world.

Hidden in Plain Sight

What is hidden in plain sight is that world history revolves around the Everlasting Covenant, and an oath sworn by the Creator of All—sworn to a particular man and his family descendants. Though hidden from scholar and layman alike, these realities, like a funnel, direct world events to a certain outcome.

[This covenant people] will be led captive into all the nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled upon by the nations, until the allotted times of the nations are fulfilled. Luke 21:24   

The family–nation made terrible mistakes, feuded, broke apart, and were dispersed into multiple nations. This was no surprise to the Overseer of this nation —it was a contingency planned for within the irrevocable everlasting Covenant.

If your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of the heavens, from there will Yahweh your Elohiym gather you, and from there he will bring you back. Deut 30:4

We hope to share them as we rebuild this website and play our small part in effecting a restoration, whether it happens in our lifetime or in generations to come.    Shalom to you!

A Dream

The splintered family–nation would be restored, reconciled, and returned. Their returning consciousness of the Covenant is in process even now.  They are being awakened from their long sleep. So, our mission is to awaken, reorient, and provide direction for them—to help, inspire and teach them the Family Covenant.

In 2002, I had a dream in which an official stood before me and held up to me a scroll that was written in Ancient Hebrew Script. Though I could not read it, internally I knew that it was documenting that my ancestors had come from the Land of Yisrael into the British Isles. I believe it was a personal message to me from my heavenly Father.
I have no doubt that many have or will experience such phenomena as the plans of Omniscient One unfold. Multitudes have been being prepared for decades without realizing it. The Compassionate One prepares us one step and one phase at a time. With each step our capacity for the ultimate call grows, that is, if we truly desire “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” And, if, along with that desire, we can proclaim that “wherever the truth leads me I will follow” — then, the inherited spiritual blindness and twisted thinking will be removed.

Our ancestors, centuries ago, left the Land of Israel in one manner or another, voluntarily or involuntarily, because they or others near them betrayed the family covenant. Not only were they punished with dispersion and alienation, but, they were also promised that their descendants would awaken as from the dead, be rectified and returned to this very place–restored to Him Who loved us from eternity.

We are currently rebuilding this site and repopulating its contents. Please check back soon. We have powerful insights to share.

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1. along with prophecies before and after, that I intend to share soon
2. some of which, I hope to share soon