“He will be called a Nazarean.” Mt 2:23

“This sect of Nazareans is to be found in Beroea near Coelesyria, in the Decapolis near Pella, and in Bashanitis at the place called…Khokhabe in Hebrew.” Bishop Epiphanius (c. 375 AD)

Judaism? Israelism? Christianity? Nazareans? Essenes? Scribes? Pharisees? Sadducees? Herodians? I’m confused…

Judaism of the first century was diverse with various expressions of fidelity to their covenant with the Almighty. Our discoveries continue to unfold. Yahshua (abbreviated as Yeshua, and hybridized to Jesus) was a Jew who lived a Jewish life among these diverse groups, but within a particular one. He attended a Jewish synagogue and was called a Rabbi. But, a hybrid movement emerged, broke off from the original Nazareans and began institutionalizing itself in church counsels. Three centuries after Yahshua began his ministry, an Emperor enforced religion was established, that was an anti-Jewish/Israeli, anti-Torah, replacement religion that sought the displacement of the original Netsarim. How did things so radically change?

We hope to share them as we rebuild this website and play our small part in effecting a restoration, whether it happens in our lifetime or in generations to come.    Shalom to you!